The facts behind Oxo degradable plastic

Is it really the greener option?

Simple answer. No. It may be marketed as such, but the truth, it is not a ‘biodegradable’ product.

Why is it not ‘biodegradable’?:

Oxo Degradable Plastic leaves behind small fragment of plastic. These fragments do not degrade and remain for 100’s and 1000’s of years.

Why is Oxo Degradable Plastic not banned?:

There are currently worldwide measures being taken to ban it. France has already banned it and Europe is expected to followed suit.

‘Biodegradable’ plastic vs ‘Oxo Degradable’ plastic’?

Biodegradable plastic is made from a renewable and natural source. Which means that it can be consumed by microorganisms and turned into compounds that are natural meaning ‘it goes back to nature’. This allows it to be classed as environmentally friendly.

Oxo Degradable Plastic is not made from a renewable source. It is treated plastic that is not environmentally friendly and will not degrade.

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