The truth about compostable materials

Our compostable products are made from PLA or Polylactic Acid. This is the most common type of bioplastic, made from fermented starch extracted from crops such as corn, potatoes or sugar cane.

It can also be made from algae. PLA is compostable, meaning microbes will break it down harmlessly into biomass and gas within a few months, given the right conditions. They are not biodegradable, since under normal conditions they will break down just as slowly as conventional plastics. To turn PLA into compost, you need to put it in an industrial composting facility. You need 60 Celsius and 100 % humidity and then it decomposes within a month. Industrial composting infrastructure in the UK is still in development, and it has a long way to go. Therefore we suggest you to call your local council for advice regarding your compostable waste.


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