Palm leaf plates – the eco way forward

Most of the general population now know about the growing concern over plastic and misuse of such – and if you don’t, read the past few blog posts! Today we would like to turn your attention to our plate and bowls range of non-plastic (yes, you read that correctly, Party Plastics do not just do plastic!). The Palm Leaf range: completely sustainable, natural and compostable. With a bit of style added in for luck, too.

These palm leaf plates are suitable for any event you may be orchestrating – be that a festival for the 100,000, or a little party with your relatives. We have palm leaf plates, both large and small, round and square, to suit your barbecuing needs. We also have palm leaf bowls – both the normal round shape or a funky square shape – a good ice breaker for any party you go to where you don’t know anyone.

And how about side plates? We have available rectangular palm leaf platters – suitable for the crisps people will dive in, to way more than the salad that is gathering dust in the corner of the table.

And what about cups? I hear you ask. We do in fact have a 100% compostable tumbler you can use at your event! Whilst you will never have a completely biodegradable plastic, this comes close to it. This will decompose after 1 or 2 years, however the hotter and wetter the better when it comes to composting.
Whatever your needs, feel free to give us a ring and we can help you on your way to a better barbeque, one palm leaf plate at a time.

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