Fifa World Cup

Two whole days before father’s day comes a very important event. Well, we say important. One flying ball, many running men and two goal posts to aim the flying ball at. Yes – you guessed it. The world cup has come upon us once more.
As men and women alike congregate around televisions, be they at home or outside on screens in shops, why not save on the washing for this seasonal showdown, and buy some disposable plastics?

Celebrate each goal with a classy sip of prosecco. Our most popular champagne glass to date is 160ml worth of celebrating doesn’t sound so bad, right?

You could even start to try out our new biodegradable pints and half pints. Fit for purposes of drinking and rambling, they are made of corn starch and able to be composted using properly maintained facilities (don’t try this at home – the right conditions mean the pints take up to 180 days to biodegrade, so ask your local council to use theirs).

Feeding the whole team and sideliners? Do not worry; we have you covered with our 5oz biodegradable plastic pots, so all of the football fanatics can take some of the party food back home with them.

We hope you, party plastics fans, enjoy the football. And if not, rest assured you will receive 90 minutes of alone time undisturbed!

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