Being Eco-Friendly isn’t as hard as you think

One of the real-world issues we face today is the discarding of plastic into oceans, causing harm to wildlife. Whilst we cannot eradicate the plastic part of party plastics completely, we certainly will try to make the plastics more environmentally friendly.

We have a new range of biodegradable pint glasses and half pint glasses, made of corn starch. They are still firm enough to hold a drink well, with the added knowledge that you are helping make the environment that bit better. Degradation of these cups takes between 60 and 180 days, under the proper conditions. This means they must be given to the relevant maintained facilities – please ring your local council to find out if your area has one readily available.

We have a tumbler glass available also in the corn starch material. Therefore you can enjoy multiple quantities of liquids, be it at a festival or your own back garden, happy in the knowledge that you are doing your part.

We have biodegradable straws, also. They come in the usual black and clear, but also in a great green colour. 100% compostable, so 100% happy.

Our plates, bowls and platters range also has environmentally friendly products. Made from palm leaf, they are disposable and easily compostable. Nothing has been so easy.

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