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Bucket List

July 30, 2015

Brand new to Party Plastics! We offer you a stylish way to serve beverages, knowing that keeping white wine and champagne cool is an important factor to maximizing its full potential. For those who host regular outdoor parties or share drinks with family and friends over the weekend, our ice bucket is one of the […]

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What Famous Musicians Eat Backstage – Photos of Henry Hargreaves

July 27, 2015

Have you ever wondered what type of foods and drinks your favorite musicians ordered backstage? Henry Hargreaves decided to create a series of photos on this topic. Let us share with you some of his best shots! Britain’s favourite Lady Gaga eats a small plate of cheese (nonsmelly, nonsweaty), on ice. Classy Frank Sinatra always […]

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Pirate Party

July 16, 2015

What better way to celebrate a boy’s birthday? Create your own pirate themed party adventure with our stylish skull and crossbones party themes. We offer fun pirate tableware to transform an ordinary birthday into a high seas adventure. Get creative with the invitation! Make it look like a treasure map! Get creative with the food! Cook […]

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Reusable Champagne Flute

July 10, 2015

Why we love Champage? We love the infinite amount of perfect bubbles.The Champagne cork pop, which means there’s a party going on! It is special – there is a lot difference between Champagne and sparkling wine. It has fever calories than many other alcoholic drinks. It makes you giggly, but careful, nothing gets you tipsier […]

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Frosted Tumblers

July 8, 2015

At Party Plastics we are obsessed with our products. There is always a favourite one, Today’s pick is a 9 and 12 oz frosted tumbler. Originally we wanted to amaze you with pictures of ice-cold alcohol-free cocktails, but then we looked through the window. No time for ice-cold drinks. Blankets rather. So we decided to […]

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Square Wave Dinner Plate

July 7, 2015

Not an expert chef? Looking for something to amaze your guests? Stop searching, we have exactly what you are looking for! All you need is our Square Wave Dinner Plate and some imagination! This dinner plate is uniquely curved on each side to give your food a superb look. Their elegant shape brings a fresh new […]

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Cater Plate

July 2, 2015

Imagine you are at a BBQ Party…. (Not hard to do is it? ) Juicy hamburgers, corn on the cob, cheesy potatoes, fresh salad… A sip of cold wine would be nice, isn’t it? So put down your plate, walk to that table at the other end of the garden, pour some liquid gold and […]

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Pimm’s and Jugs

July 1, 2015

There is no denying the importance of Pimm’s in any proper Summer’s event. The question is where did all begin? Of course in England! In 1840 Mr. James Pimm, an oyster bar owner in London’s financial district, invented a gin-based liqueur and marketed it as a healthy tonic. It became popular in a decade and he started to […]

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