New Goblets from Party Plastics


Introducing the new goblet of fire. Well, kind of. If fire means drink. Which in some cocktails, it means exactly that. Available in the form of a pint, a half pint  and a cocktail tumbler, these goblets will make you feel regal and king or queen-like.

Big around the base, then curving inwards so that there is a smaller top, there’s plenty of surface area to hold your goblet with your whole hand, whilst not having to worry about spillages whilst drinking. Clever, that.

They are sturdy, too. And polycarbonate - if you are unsure what that means, it means that the glasses are virtually unbreakable and the strongest plastic you could possibly get in our range. Practically glass in looks, so no one will know any different if they do not hold the goblet. Cool, huh?

There is also a CE marked version coming soon, which means pubs are legally able to serve in these goblets. Something we can all drink to!

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School Season


As the new school term starts, both children and parents alike are wondering how on earth it is legal to be up this early. So shut your eyes for just five minutes more, and know that we have everything that you’ll need for afterschool treats, for both children and adults!

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The bank holiday discount spirit


As holiday goers yearn for just one more trip, the blessed government of the UK hands us what can only be called a “sweet relief” – bank holiday Monday. This means workaholics throughout the UK can have one more day added on to their weekend break. And, for non-workaholics, an excuse to have another lie in!

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Living life in style

photo blog

We all want the lavish lifestyle: limousine rides to just the other side of town, clothes you only wear once and so much money you don’t know what to do with. Not forgetting the sun kissed skin whilst lying on your very own private beach.

So why not shut your eyes, and get half way there with our new products?

Your new lavish lifestyle is only one cocktail away.

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That Friday Feeling

friday blog

You gaze at the clock. 4.45. You know what this means. Just another mere 15 minutes until you can stretch your legs for two whole days, relax and unwind. For 48 hours, no responsibilities, no sudden emergency calls, no stressful altercations, nada. None.

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The Monday Feeling

monday feeling blog

A solemn step into the car, tentative turns of the wrist, and enviousness of the energy that the car ignites flawlessly. You groan. Why does the car have so much energy, founded from nowhere, whilst you trudge along until the final release of Friday?

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Our own Olympic celebration Sale!


With just over a week left until the Olympics, one must try and improve their physique with our fellow Olympians. We at partyplastics know how hard it is to get motivated, so why not do a long jump towards the computer, pole vault through last week’s washing into the computer seat and sprint towards our partyplastics website!

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The lazy day heat special

Cater Plate

As the sun roasts parts of ourselves we didn’t even know we had, blistering down on us like a vengeful entity, one must preserve their energy. Party plastics is here to help.

Sit down, relax, open up the ready-made salad (or heat up a barbeque for the adventurous), pop those sunglasses on and heave a heavy sigh of relief. We got your back.

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Living in a Zoo!

zoo collection

Parents are often overhead saying that life with children is “like living in a zoo.” So why not buy some very fitting plastic wear, to send that message home to your fellow parent?

Bring a smile to your little dears’ faces, when the package arrives at your doorstep. Whilst they wonder in awe what on earth it could be inside the box, you know. It is but a beautiful depiction of what life is like with little ones running around the house.

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Party Plastics – your catalyst to a memorable event!

Browsing for a party to celebrate the end of your university life? Wallowing or celebrating the latest European football result? Need a last minute order for your friend’s birthday party? Then we are here to save you! With a variety of drinks suitable for any occasion, be it with friends in a field or a civilized garden party, our plastic cups will be the catalyst for a refreshingly nice social whilst basking in the summer heat, be it through the natural sun or fireplace (you chose which one is most likely)!

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